2022 Watershed Survey Summary Report

We are happy to report that the Clemons Pond Watershed Survey has been completed and a Summary Fact Sheet has been prepared. The survey was a joint effort by the Clemons Pond Association and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The purpose of the survey is to:

  • Identify existing sources of polluted runoff, primarily from soil erosion and stormwater
    that could lead to issues with algae and cyanobacteria in Clemons Pond
  • Inspire people to become active watershed stewards and provide recommendations and
    resources to help them take action as needed (e.g. the Lake Smart program).
  • Inform Town of Hiram and State of Maine officials of any issues discovered on property owned
    by the town or state (we are not informing them of erosion issues discovered on private property)

Twenty-two sites where soil being is carried to the pond or a feeder stream by rainwater or snowmelt, were identified in the survey, the majority of which were on private shorefront properties. The main sources of this potential pollution found were erosion, bare ground, lack of shoreline vegetation, and failing or undersized culverts. Going forward, anything we can do to prevent the flow of dirt-laden stormwater into the lake will help prevent future water quality issues on the pond including overgrowth of algae that could create harmful algae blooms.

Our focus on and concern for the health of our pond is particularly notable in light of current events regarding environmental concerns on other lakes on our region:

Please check out the related links to reports of algae issues on ponds/lakes in Maine and the resource area of our website.

Victor Lerish
CPA Water Quality and Watershed Survey Coordinator